Humanoid (Satyr)


Fast Speed (40ft)

Ability Scores
Standard (+2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Int)
Satyrs are Fast and Charming, but often find it hard to focus
on the Intelligent pursuits for very long.

Standard (Common and Sylvan)
Satyrs with a high Intelligence Scores can choose the following:
(Draonic, Gnoll, Feral, Orcish, Goblin, Elven, and Gorgon)

Offense Traits
Primary Natural Attack – Gore (1d6)

Defense Traits
Natural Armor (+1 Natural Armor Bonus)
Satyrs usually have thick coat of fur on most of their body.

Skill Traits
Skill Training – (Perform (Wind) and Perception)
Satyrs always consider the former skills as Class Skills.

Sense Traits
Low-Light Vision

Magical Traits
Satyrs Pipes – All Satyrs begin play with a hand carved wooden Pan Flute. In the hands of anyone else this flute is completely mundane, however in the hands of the Satyr who carved it, they can use it create lovely music and magical effects. This flute does not detect as magical and values at only 1d4 Silver if sold. If this Pipe is lost, stolen, or destroyed- a Satyr may create a new Pan Flute with 8 hours of work (no skill check is required).

A Satyr may use their Flute to create the following magical effects. (DC 10 + ½ Character level + Cha Modifier).

Ghost Sound - 1/per Day
Sleep – 1/per Day
Charm Person – 1/per Day
Cause Fear - 1/per Day


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