Craftsmen and Warriors, Diplomats and Criminals, Schemers and Dreamers. How is it that a single Human and be all of these things and more? Humans are one of the most diverse (and multiple) species to be found within the Mythos.

Thought of as nothing more then Lustful fools by most, the Satyr are often over looked by the other races within the Mythos. Despite the fact that all Satyr share the same Faun’ish roots, their personalities and capabilities are just as deserve as any humans, even if most don’t see them that way.

The decedents of the powerful Medusa, Gorgon are a serpent like race within the Mythos. Many Races fear them as they did their ancestors.

With the body of a powerfully built man and the head of a snarling bull, this creature stomps its hooves as if preparing to charge. Most races fear them, others envy their strength.

Save for the tattered wings and taloned feet, a Harpy resembles a feral woman with a wild look about her.


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